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2022 · A Life in Six Chapes
2017 · Havana Divas
2016 · Wang Shiwei: The Buried Writer
2015 · Golden Gate Girls


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When I started this journey, I was searching for a hero with the strength and the courage to be steadfast and devoted, even amidst war, chaos, and betrayal. In the end, I found not one, but many– brave souls that never wavered, even in darkest hours.


by S. Louisa Wei

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“There is only a bright, beautiful, lovely, shining soul before me!


Two stage sisters living in an era of revolution

Four opera trips crossing the ocean of time


Wang Shiwei was a very special figure in the history of Chinese modern literature. He is known to most as the first victim of Chinese Communist Party’s literary persecution, who was killed “by mistake” in 1947 while CCP troops were retreating from Yenan. 


This documentary weaves together the life of Esther Eng (1914-70), a San Francisco born “Golden Gate Girl” who made ten Chinese films on two sides of Pacific, and juxtaposes her story with the fascinating stories of two other pioneering women of her time: Anna May Wong (1905-61), first Chinese American actress to rise to international stardom, and Dorothy Arzner (1897-1979), the first and only female director to successfully transition from the silent to sound eras of Hollywood. 

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This is the first feature documentary concerning Mao’s purge of writers and focuses on the 1955 Anti-Hu Feng Campaign, where set a precedent for larger scale and better known persecution of intellectuals in 1957 (Anti-Rightist Campaign). The film’s intriguing plot spans the period from 1929 to 2009 and offers an in-depth look at the tumultuous changes in recent Chinese history. 

2015 · Storm Uner the Sun
2019: Xiao Hong
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