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Xiao Hong



Writer/Director: S. Louisa Wei
Co-writer/Assistant Director: Anna W. Li
Executive Producer: Lo Chi Wa
Production Coordinator: Miki Yung
Original Music: Robert Jay Ellis-Geiger
Sound Effect/ Mixing/ Editing: Charles C.W Chan, Mary Y. Chen
Editing: S. Louisa Wei, Anna W. Li

Running Time: 52 Mins
Language: English and Chinese
Subtitle: English and Chinese
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Production: RTHK 2019

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View the Documantary



Born in 1911, Xiao Hong is one of the most famous female writers of the 20th century.

When the September 18th Incident broke out, the Japanese occupied her hometown of Hulan and Harbin, where she studied, and in her early twenties she began a career of exile and writing, traveling to Qingdao, Shanghai, Tokyo, Wuhan, Linfen, Xi'an, Chongqing, and other places, and then died at the age of thirty in the Japanese-ruled city of Hong Kong. Lu Xun regarded Xiao Hong as one of the most promising writers at that time.

This documentary focuses on her ten years of hard work and follows her as she travels to nine cities, to see how she writes to depict her memories and thoughts of her hometown, and how she fights against the ups and downs of life.

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